Salomon Men Xa Pro 3D

Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP Black

Super shoes, in the usual Salomon quality, as every regular customer knows, always order something larger. I usually wear 42 ½ and the size fits 44 with thicker socks like a glove! No perspiration, no wetness and feather-light, who carries his shoes professionally up to 18 hours a day, appreciate these qualities very much! With me, no other shoe comes on the shelf, who rated here negatively, his pair has probably shot at E ***, blame himself!

** Report on almost two years **

The shoes are well made, there are no seams and it pushes nothing inside. The closure clamp holds securely without loosening. In any case, I would recommend the model with the closure clamp, as it closes tightly and can be opened in a few seconds, without having to tie something.

Mine are still in good shape after almost two years, I was traveling for many kilometers, now the soles are already a bit expired and at the very top, where the lacing is fastened, the upper material is a bit worn, but not yet you look at a couple of review photos.

The shoes are still waterproof and breathable, I still have no sweaty feet with it.

The cushioning is excellent, very comfortable but without being too soft.

** Conclusion **

Not cheap and not durable, but still very good. I bought a new pair again.

I have extra insoles in it, which offer more comfort while running. I use them as shoes for the day.

After a relatively short time, the heel rubs on the inside of the shoe and tears open the inner padding. The photos also show the seam at the heel, which you can notice when running
The sole shows signs of wear.
Too warm in the summer.

Otherwise, they are waterproof and breathable due to the membrane. In winter I do not freeze in there. But in summer they are too warm!
The closure still lasts for a year, it is completely plastic.
The top of the shoes is sturdy and also holds stones during walks etc without loosening.
I also like the dark reflective properties, color and shape.

I can only say it again and again, Salomon just produces the best or most durable shoes!
After two years I have once again indulged in a new couple. I was absolutely not disappointed this time, quite the contrary. The shoes are perfect again as expected. My last couple has kept for two years, with almost daily wear and without any odors, etc. to accept. Note I do not use a shoe deodorant.
I can absolutely recommend these shoes to anyone who needs good and durable shoes!

So it's a solomon shoe, of which I already had 2 others and have. This model fits my feet just fine, they are straight and my flat foot fits in well. It expresses nothing and I walk very well in it, means very comfortable wearing / running feeling. I wear the shoe outdoors in everyday life, I do not go running / jogging with it. On a normal mountain, I can go with it, because I feel the sole as very stable. The color I had imagined a little more blue, it may be a blue / slightly greenish-looking color. Fits but to every jeans I think. I have shoe size 40 and at Salomon I need 40 2/3 and sometimes 41 1/3. This model fits in a 40 2/3 super. Since the shoe in the offer was under 60 euros, I struck and forgive because of not quite as presented blue tone 4 stars.

Very fast delivery and very good price.
The color is of course a matter of taste – I like it! I saw this model during my vacation in the shop window of a sports store and then bought it immediately after returning to Amazon!
The shoe fit as expected, have ordered him as always at Salomon by 1/2 number bigger! The comfort is very good!

For some years now I drive almost every day from work by bike about 25 km home (the way is via S-Bahn). Furthermore, my wife and I have undertaken several multi-day bike tours in the last two years. My wife had more or less luckily bought some shoes from Salomon and was / are very happy with them. Because of their good experiences, I have now followed suit.
For my purposes, these shoes are almost perfect. So far, although the weather in the last few weeks with us was rather wet, still no water penetrated. The relatively stable sole has a very positive effect on cycling. For longer walks I can imagine that this hardness has a rather negative effect, but so far I had no problems.
Previously, I had a pair of Jack Wolfskin shoes, these were unfortunately not waterproof and I was always having problems with my two Achilles tendons. Since I wear the shoes of Salomon, the problems have passed.
Another positive feature is the lacing. This works really well.

Like many other sports shoes, these are pretty small, so it's best to buy at least one size bigger.

Conclusion: I am completely satisfied and will certainly take a look at the offer of Salomon when buying shoes for other purposes.

The shoe is beautiful and very well made, quality so until the last big class. Unfortunately, I did not feel comfortable wearing them (trying indoors). Somehow the shoe felt hard, too hard for me. Therefore, for safety reasons, I have refrained from buying. I've been on the trail with a pair of boots, they were solid but somehow softer. As a hiking shoe, the XA Pro may be better ??

Size: I bought it as recommended a size larger, which is ok. The material is sturdy and of good quality. The sole is well profiled and the toe cap protects well at the front. He sits stably and stabilizes the foot. I miss the damping in the sole, but a star less. After the first run about 4.5 km, the skin under my ankles was sore and scrubbed open. The shoe is cut too high on the sides, but also a point deduction. Normally I would have sent this pair of shoes back, but since they were too dirty due to my cross country running, I solved the last problem with a second sole in the shoe. I would have expected much more from this expensive brand. Pity!

As usual fast delivery from Amazon.
The shoe is cut very small, it is recommended to order 1 to 1.5 sizes larger. The shoe is processed down to the last detail. Useful features: quick lacing, ortho footbed, heel loop, heel and toe reinforcement, grippy sole.
The shoe fits like a glove and is comfortable to wear. The heel closure is bone-shaped and thus optimally attached.
A highly recommended shoe.