save meter 17 simple ideas that make small apartment comfortable and stylish

Painting this mezzanine premise with stylish and characteristic wall accents that visually separates the premises creates the feeling that the bed area is a

Brilliant idea that everything is a small apartment.
Perhaps everyone dreams of a cozy home, but many I think this is possible only if there is room for a rocking chair, fireplace or luxurious bathroom. But decorators are sure – to create well-being and can even in a small apartment. In this review some secrets that will help to do this.

Open shelves and drawers of suitcases.
On the walls of a child's room can be placed small open-type shelves for storing books colorful covers on the outside, but from old suitcases, get the original bedding for bedding and diapers.

Shelves above the door of the bathroom.
Shelf above the door of the bathroom is ideal for storing clean towels and detergents.

Corner shelf in the wardrobe.
Corner shelf – A compact and functional detail that will not lie in the toilet, in addition to a shelf, can make their own hands.

Functional footstool.
In arranging small apartments, in particular, priority is given to high quality and multifunctional furniture. For example, such as puff transformer. It can be used as an extra space for seating or a table, and it decomposes and turns into a full bed.

A set of open shelves.
Owners of small apartments should give preference to open shelves, which are in no way worse than the massive cabinets and shelves.

The construction of the angular space.
Equip small rooms, do not even miss the smallest and apparently blind space.

Open shelves in the bathroom.
Several small open shelves, which are close to the sink in the bathroom, are ideal for storing cosmetics.

Cabinet for bin.
Compact container containers will not only hide nasty garbage but will also provide additional work space.

Use of photo wallpaper.
Photo murals with the view of one of the walls in the living room look very spectacular and visually expand the space.

Functional console table.
Elegant and compact console table with a shelf for books.

Open the cabinet in the staircase.
Old ladder mounted in the ceiling can be used as an outdoor cabinet or dryer.

Functional bed.

Bed on the pallet with built-in storage and a slim shelf instead of bedside table – a good idea for arrangements of a small bedroom.

Minimalist regiments.
The original and very compact design – a great alternative to the bulky nightstand or table.

U-shaped cupboard behind the toilet.
The compact U-shaped cupboard for the toilet tank is perfect for storing toilet paper and detergents.

Continuing the theme will tell how the French designer created the most comfortable furniture for small apartments.

Mirror with shelf.
When choosing a mirror for a small apartment, it is necessary to look at the functional model with shelves.