second life for old furniture 22 example successful use of

Use old furniture in the garden and home: light example.
If the house has an old furniture, it is worth noting to get rid of it immediately. She can always find a use in the garden and the farm. Gathered our design tips help solve this problem more creatively.

With pieces of old furniture it is possible to create a wonderful shop that will decorate any garden and will serve as a place of recreation.

The hands can build a cabinet for storage of equipment for the garden.

Antique chest of drawers has become a good place for a secluded place it blossoms.

Comfortable and practical, different suspension and no benches are ideal for all the gardens.

A desk or an old desk is a good alternative for planting flowers.

Excellent choice clearance bed – green glades perfect for any garden.

Flower pot is created in the form of an old chair – simple and cute.

A pot for flowers is placed on a chair.

An interesting variant of space registration for storing gardening tools and gardening tools.

Beautiful antique chair with a discount on the top – the original solution for the garden.

Flower housing is just below the cover of an old piano.

Unusual flowers on a chair, perfect complement to any garden.

Decorated with flowers glyadka bicycle, as well as all wrapped flowers.

Vintage Tub is used as a large flower pot.

Flower Paradise is just picked up and placed on an old sofa – standard garden solution.

Typewriter – The perfect decoration for every garden, especially with flowers in it.

A place for dreams – a great location in the heart of the garden.

Light cabinets are transformed into a flower pot.
A good alternative for issuing a computer or garden outside the box. For this it is possible to use even more beautiful spring garden: 17 different ideas for beds.