second life transformation old chair in night light

GlowBowl 54564 A-00452-01 Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

GlowBowl 54564 A-00452-01 Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

Second Life: the transformation of an old stool in night light
Many people throw things when they break, outdated or simply bored. But creative people often give old things a second life, a little effort and imagination. Sometimes the most simple and banal objects are transformed into their hands in the unexpected, exclusive interior. We offer turning an old stool into the original night.

Choice of materials and tools

staining stools

We need: • High gloss black enamel (small can) • Brush, ruler, pen and sheet • A sheet of foam or other stiff material • Chuck for bulbs • Electric wire – 4m • Fabric or cloth • Insulation tape , • Lamp (with soft white 10 watt light) • "superlim" • feces.

Spread on the floor in several newspapers, to not dye the floor paint. Turn the pallet upside down and place it on paper. Color pallet black gloss enamel. Let the paint dry.



The last hand

Turn off the lighting and turn the unique night. If you take the colored lights, the effect will be even more unexpected and surprising. Do not take too strong a bulb as a night light in bright light is for something. You can also experiment with paint cloths or drawings on it. Little imagination and effort will provide exclusive furniture! This night lamp decorate your room, and at night the atmosphere will make it mysterious and fascinating. But normal stool there. Even though the older cameras will show off big vintage lights.