simple and efficient an adobe house which summer always cold

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Vineyard House – the house where the temperature is always convenient.
As a rule, modern architects, who work on-line projects, try to come up with one of these things to please sophisticated urban residents. But there are those who follow the principle of simplicity and convenience. This is the house appeared among the vineyards of Portugal. The common appearance look fully compensate for the cool climate inside the house, so is necessary for the country with the largest number of sunny days.

Architectural Blaanc project studio.
Architectural studio Blaanc presented an avenue's latest project – a residential house located in the middle of a vineyard in Montijo (Portugal), so the name was appropriate – Vineyard House. Residence built clay way. This method of building houses is not typical of modern buildings, but it has its advantages. In the summer, the mud builds cold and warm in the winter. To create additional protection against the burning sun, the architects are installed outside of special screens.

Vineyard House – this is partly adobe construction.
The Vineyard House consists of three rectangular blocks, joined by transitions. Two of these are constructed of conventional brick, covered with white plaster, and the third is made of clay. Between the layers of clay buildings and integrated layers of fiberglass frame laminated veneers work. They provide structural support.

Vineyard House. Interior.

Vineyard House. Interior.
Adobe houses are usually characterized by the old architecture. For an excellent example of such a building can be called an African city where every house – a work of art.

Vineyard House. Interior.

Vineyard House. Interior.
House total area is 319 square meters. In a block of a living room, a guest room, office, studio, in another there are five bedrooms for family members, and in the third block, space for a dining area, a kitchen and a mini-cinema.