slate roofing

Slate Roofing Tiles - pros, cons, & costs
slate roofing

Slate is available in different shades, the most common – gray, still pale green and reddish. Noble silver ebb and different versions of the shapes of small "flakes" are highly appreciated in the Middle Ages, slate roofs adorn the Louvre, Versailles, Buckingham Palace and many castles on the Loire.

Due to the small size of the tiles, slate roofs are used for a variety of shapes, geometry there are no restrictions.

For example, the German masonry "bogenshnitt" preceded the angle of the roof foot, the French version – the use of square plates with faced corners, English plates in the form of rectangles. Among the new types of links interesting alternatives "beaver tail", it is performed in the form of semicircular scales.

Master must carefully and skillfully play the mounting technique ceilings, correct the error or failure in succession will be very difficult.

Choosing a slate as a roof-It is not only important to choose material of high quality, but also to decide on the company of the executive as the master has sufficient skills to work with the material.

True made brickwork, you and your grandchild, you are serving a slate of lifetime – more than two hundred years. For Russia, slate is imported from Germany, also producing slate raw materials in Spain and France. The slate shingles cost is quite high due to the use of manual work. The most expensive thin plates of up to five millimeters, with shades of burgundy or green tones.