sliding wall as way expand space a small apartment

Slide the wall as a way to expand the space in a small apartment
After studying the problem mikrozhilya and all the necessary design elements, architectural studio MKCA has started decorating a small apartment in New York. The result was unexpected and incredibly interesting.

Sliding wall moves from one end of the room to another

The apartment is ready for the bed

At full opening there is a bedroom

The area of ​​New York apartments the 36 square meters, but it has everything you need for a comfortable stay. And it provides a living room and dining room and a bedroom and bathroom. And there is a seating area and a dressing room. The main attraction of the apartment can be regarded as a motorized sliding wall that m ozhzhet move from one end of the room to the other. This element helped to divide the day and night zone and open dressing rooms with built-in drawers and cabinets.

At full opening there is a place for a large sofa bed, which is very popular in small apartments. It is also equipped with a workplace and a small library, and additional shelves. The computer and the rest of the equipment hidden in the room, and yet performs the role of the rod.

TV can be viewed from different zones

Home Office Zone



There was a place for ponotsennoy bathroom and dressing room

The kitchen offers a large workplace, a lot of room for storing all types of household tasks. In the bathroom, installed a sliding door and laundry basket. Some open shelves allow you to store towels and other bathroom accessories. Even more brilliant solution using multiple slides offered by Spanish designers PKMN architectures.