small apartment interior design ideas and one bedroom apartments

Surprisingly Small Apartment in Paris with a Charming Red and White Interior Shop this look: ottoman, couch, comforter.

Repair in a studio apartment – not for the sake of simplicity. In addition to being in the same room, it is necessary to arrange the living room, the bedroom and the workplace (for a minimum set of families where the children are not present), so bathroom and kitchen are often very modest area. But even in a small apartment, you can arrange a comfortable, elegant and incredibly functional housing. You just need to properly plan available areas and use construction engineers to increase the visual space. No matter what area does not have your apartment, it makes a cozy home – is fully possible task. After all, designers have accumulated great experience in the arrangement of houses of different sizes and shapes, they use the same tips and equip their small large houses with comfort.

combine the bathroom – the toilet is connected to the bathroom bathroom. To get accommodation is placed not only a bath (or shower), sink and toilet and a washing machine. Toga is no reason to bed appliance kitchens, which significantly "relieves" the kitchen environment;

Depending on their area of ​​†<†<a space apartments can take some measures to increase its actual size. But whatever the size of your home does not have, it's obvious that the location will always be missed. Therefore, the owners are at the various structural and design tricks:

connect a single room with a balcony, which increases the space of a few square meters (loggia necessary to isolate and seal);

tear the wall between the kitchen and living room (which is also a bedroom, study and possibly infant) to produce a large room, which will be all functional segments;

It is important to remember that each rebuilding will be necessary to legalize the relevant departments. Some changes will require transmission of communication systems – wiring, sewers, water supply, pipes and radiators.

use light palette for surface treatment – white color reflects perfect light and allows to spread almost uncontrolled through space;

Mirror tiles will help visually "erase" the limits of space – it can put on facades of furniture or a piece of finish;

Glasses and shiny surfaces also help increase the visual volume of the room (for example, shiny ceiling fabric visually increases the height of the room);

multilevel system with artificial lighting – hanging chandeliers, lamps, lamps and lighting embedded bands – each functional segment must have its "fixture";

Use easily in terms of performance and lightweight furniture;

to get rid of all the excess and minimize the decor (with mostly wall decorative objects in reasonable quantities).

If the room during the day has to serve a full living room, and at night, one bedroom becomes the best option for young couples without children – using a bed with a folding mechanism that can compress "hide" in the closet. Current models can handle a lot of weight, easy to use, and the hardware has high strength and reliability.

One bedroom with an area of ​​40 square meters. m – this is a good option. So, someone can tell owners of small large homes. With such volumes you can easily create a comfortable, functional, modern and beautiful interior, the meaning of which will be valid for several years. The apartment with the area, you can not even use remediation, and construction technicians with only the visual expansion space. But everything depends on the size and shape of the main room and the number of households living in these forty square meters.

If sleeping on a sofa bed living room, turning into a bed at night is not an option for you, you must consider the possibility of creating an insulated segment for registration bedrooms. Even very small sleep and rest area will be a separate room. Experts recommend that in this case the use of glass panels that allow the sunlight to penetrate the afternoon sleeping alcove, and at night and at night, you can use curtains or fabric blinds to create an intimate environment.

Sleeping area within a small room small apartment – one of the most difficult tasks. Partitions visually reduce the space, but without them can not do, if you need at least one partial privacy in the bedroom and the rest. The best option – mounting the rack. Most commonly used open shelves for storing books, documents and all offices, sometimes TV is mounted in the center of the partition. Do not allow the high place on one side to create a separation for a bed, and on the other hand – will not completely cover lighting in the area of ​​the bedroom, which stretches from the central chandelier in the room.

Modern "prefers" spacious and bright rooms. But what happens if your apartment even with a stretch is called big? Just a way out – a union of space and use of technology to enhance the visual. VAG with a large window (or none), light finish and concise selection of furniture always seems more of its size. The image obtained through light, the freedom and space of the Spirit. Get rid of all excesses, leaving only the necessary furniture, functional furnishings and a minimum of textiles, giving space enough artificial lighting and arranging lighting or locally in the form of a band of lighting in each functional area – fresh and friendly image of the room is ready.

Glass areas, shiny surface, minimalism in the choice of interior design and simplicity of design furniture – the basic principles for creating a modern, functional yet attractive look of the interior.

Interesting design apartments, decorated modern style. The basis of the concept of the inner contrasting combinations formed. Alternating dark and light surfaces help to emphasize the geometry of space, mark the functional segments and take the image of space dynamics. Interior laconic and also somewhat minimalist – simple shapes and lines to make this a comfortable and comfortable environment. Using light curtains is possible not only to adjust the level of natural light, but also to create privacy in the bedroom and the rest.