small bathroom 17 cool ideas for very small spaces

small bathroom design ideas | that means that specialists recommend the use of small bathtubs

What about a small bathroom?

Is it possible to place in a small bathroom toilet, sink, storage and doing it incredibly nicely? A small room, with an area of ​​just a few square meters, that can be transformed and become visually spacious. It is necessary to know some interesting design tricks.

2. Photo murals with city views, a corner of the toilet and the room seems more!

3. Hmm Reality or Illusion?

1. Background that gives perspective space
On a visual increase room is worth considering the sheer finish. Quite unusual in the interior bathroom looks wallpaper, but in a small space, they are just in time. Especially if they show some promising pictures, for example, a panorama of the city, road or bridge extends far away.

4. A big mirror – save a small space
Mirror is appropriate not only in the bathroom, where he is often placed. It can be a real savior little space. To increase the effect, it is advisable to install additional light sources. In a very narrow space is to hang wide horizontal mirror.

5. Even a small mirror will improve a small interior

6. Wide horizontal mirror makes the room visually larger

8. The small bathroom interior in Scandinavian style

9. The interior of a small bathroom in Moroccan style

10. For a small bathroom is to choose a compact plumbing

11. Three in one – toilet, sink and cabinet

Not superfluous in a small bathroom will be open shelves and hanging cupboards. Shelves should be narrow and do not interfere with the movement of the room, they can be placed along a wall. Hanging cupboards are best to hang over the toilet (this place is often empty).

12. Open shelves in a small bathroom

13. Storage system in a small bathroom

14. Hanging cupboard in a small bathroom

15. The small bathroom decor

16. A good idea is to give the room a visual proportionality

17. Ceramic tiles as part of the decor
Manufacturers of sanitary ware are also time to lose. Recently they are offered wonderful systems that include at once all the necessary sanitary equipment in the bathroom.