small modern design a private house in woods

Front half. ..all windows and natural lighting and
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Small house in the woods near a beautiful lake has a total area of ​​43 square meters. m. Before this place was a small fishing cottage, but it declined, and the owner decided to replace the structure.

Admire the view from the window in all weather – It was his main wish, and designers have met one of the walls of the house, facing the side of the lake, completely in glass. This wall window makes it possible to observe the lake all year round, regardless of the whimsical weather.

Small modern houses, as if air and light, penetrated above the roof railing, create patterns resembling the forest path on the hill. The shadow of the rods in the interior creates the effect of being in the forest.

The glass wall is expanding – this is the entrance to the house. In the absence of the owners the glass with wooden shutters, they are collapsible and easily removed when unnecessary.

The project used unique larch trees virtually not rotten, a house of it can last for centuries.

All wooden parts for small houses in the woods are produced using modern technology – they are cut with a laser beam. Some of the structures gathered in the workshops, and some – delivered directly to the building site, where for the week has put this unusual house.

To avoid moisture, height above the ground house with bolts.

The design of a small private home is simple, and a colorful yacht, a tribute to the passion owner. Inside is all the modest and strict sofa and a fireplace in the living room, bed in a "cabin" – just as opposed to the boat, not at the bottom, under the deck, and upstairs, under the roof.

In a small modern house there is no need for any decor, and all the decor is reduced to decorative pillows in the "sea" stripes – a combination of blue and white makes a refreshing note in tight interior.

Wooden eggs covered a variety of lamps whose lights can be directed in any direction they choose.