small space 20 coolest ideas for every room

Knowing precisely how much space you have to work with, in every corner of the room, is imperative. Checkout 21 awesome small bedroom ideas.

Cool ideas for small rooms

Living in a small interior is a pleasure, meaningful on a condition – if the space is intelligently organized. How to make sure the apartment was cozy, it was in its place, and the rooms while it was spacious and bright? There are a lot of interesting ideas! We have considered the most original and functional ones.

2. Mirror wall in the living room

1. Blue living room with well-organized storage system
The living room becomes visually more about one of the walls in the room to make a mirror or decorated with large mirrors. In this room will not be redundant niche or high spacious shelves. Instead, it's possible the sofa to build a small podium, decorate its log and decorative pillows. Such a substandard couch will perform the role of storage.

3. In a small kitchen it is important to arrange additional lighting
Most of all, Khrushchev small kitchen. To deal with this disadvantage is to use additional lighting, harmonic color scales (often light) and proper distribution of kitchen utensils. Hide grain and cans with spices can be a sliding niche, which is conveniently located between the fridge and the wall. But for organizations dining space, practical folding tables and convertible folding or stacking chairs.

4. Pull a niche into the kitchen

5. Improvised dining

7. Shelves instead of bedside tables

8th bedroom without cabinet

9. Shelf honeycomb

10. The compact location of furniture

11. Bed – A good solution for a toddler

Today, there is a home office in almost a warehouse, and it was not because of the fact that all work at home, and the fact that many people like to spend time at the computer. There is a small workplace in fashionable niche or use as a compact desktop office. For this mini-office there is also the smallest apartment.

12. Home office in a small niche

13. The Bureau instead of the desk

14. A small home office

15. Hinged shelves in a small bathroom

16. Storage of towels in the bathroom

17. Multi-cabinet for storage of bathroom

18. Compact storage in the bathroom

19. Light interior small bathroom

20. Compact arrangement
Storage in small bathrooms can not only be functional, but also good looking. We have collected 5 design ideas and 24 illustrative examples.