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small kitchen storage

Smart home decoration

How to prevent a mess and correction of storage in the house? At which furniture should pay attention to those who have limited living space in square meters? We find ideas to help restore the system and organize the space correctly.

Wardrobe, sofa
To load and bedroom space saving area in the living room, you can choose a wall that will soon perform the tasks in the cabinet, sofa, ceiling and home library. This furniture will help to relieve space and look rather briefly in the interior.

Breast + Regiment
Some people do not think of practical furniture, which just takes up space and can hold a lot of things. In fact, it is necessary to choose an oversized model, equipped with a variety of storage compartments. To increase the effect on the chest of drawers can put wall shelves, and it is divided into horizontal and vertical compartments. A compact and convenient enough storage system.

Set of wall organizers
These children can completely free the work table of redundant items. These organizers can be made personally. This will require magnets, pieces of plywood for cells slate paint, boards, nails, cork leaves and some imagination. Setting up such discs is desirable in several rows of the lower-placed items, which are often needed in the work. Top can be a calendar or a list of important things.

A good solution for the home office

To order on kitchen

The order on the table is provided

The organization of space in the kitchen

Multifunction table board ~~ POS = HEADCOMP

multifunctional furniture
Functionality plays an important role in interior design, but we should not forget the aesthetic side. We did a survey a bright furniture that will adorn a small apartment cool.