snail house concept house with green technologies

BIG unveils snail-inspired Villa Gug house
14 of 14; Villa Gug by BIG

Marin mollusk-inspired Circle House – house "green" technique.
Architects do not cease to surprise modern residents its non-standard projects of houses. Again, they offer to give up "boxes" and, in imitation of natural shelters, live in the house, the snail, "filled with" energy-saving technology.

Architectural design studio project by Romanian Razvan Barsan + Partners.
Romanian Design Studio Razvan Barsan + PartnersHan introduced the concept of a non-standard layout house called Marine Mollusk-inspired Circle House. Inside the house is twisted in a spiral shape and reminiscent of marine molluscs.

Marin mollusk-inspired Circle House. The concept of environmentally friendly housing.
It was as a base building used concrete, metal, plaster and glass. The rounded shape of the house comes not only aesthetically but also practical purpose: the sun's rays can penetrate during the daytime.

Marin mollusk-inspired Circle House. Reflective panels reduce the need for air conditioning.

Snail House: housing project with a "green" technique.
In the development of housing projects, architect architects often describe snails. The Camenzind Evolution Swiss Agency also uses this home-made solution consisting of rings with different diameters.

Marin mollusk-inspired Circle House. Pool.
The house also applies to "green" technology. rainwater collection system will use water for lawn watering, solar cells will allow not to be dependent on the urban electricity and reflective panels will reduce the need for air conditioning.