solar decoration in night garden

Solar decorative lamps in a night garden —

Solar decorative lamps in a night garden — Stock Photo © camaralenta

Solar decoration in the dream garden
Most do not want after sunset, when Gata is still warm, and I want to enjoy a quiet summer night, back to the house. You can safely spend a couple of hours outdoors. It's just not to sit in the dark, need to worry about lighting. And it is not necessary to lead electricity to the garden, you can use solar energy.

Flower pots with backlighting

Flower pots with backlighting

flower garlands

An interesting way to illuminate the garden can glow glowing flower pots. And the whole secret lies in the special solar battery that sticks into the ground. During the day it accumulates energy, and the night lights up the pot.

Small lamps hanging on the patio, terrace, trees help to create a nice atmosphere in the garden when it is dark. The shape of light bulbs lets you choose someone, but small flowers look particularly cute.

Garden ornaments

Garden ornaments

lighting table

backlit trees

fruit imagination

glowing lanterns

backlight beds

If you want to ease, then the best choice of conventional flashlights. Color you can choose to your taste, you can only stay on the white. And you can arrange a whole rainbow in the garden. The exact size is different – from large to small. And this is just one of the points ambitious programs for transforming garden into a paradise.