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Tiny Kitchen Decor and Remodeling Ideas We Love
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Making small kitchens – worn theme, menu time up to date. In this regard, there are many recommendations, but in this article we have compiled some unusual and interesting techniques that will help make small large kitchens maximally ergonomically and visually more spacious.

The designers in one voice insist that smokers should be made in bright colors – it is well known, maybe for everyone. Consequently, the interior little kitchen finds a more suitable color than white (the more today, white decor is positive). However, the clean white kitchen can seem too "sterile" and boring, so we recommend that you do in the design of a light accent. He not only revives the interior, but will also serve as a focal point.

Recently window decoration in principleIt is reduced to a minimum, and in the kitchen – even more. If we are talking about contemporary style trends, it's better not to drape clothes from the window, and allow sunlight to penetrate freely into the kitchen.

Pots, cups, spoons and other kitchen accessories do not necessarily hide in boxes and cabinets. It's better to leave this place for ugly items as better not to put on a prominent place. For everything else, you can use rails and hooks – so it will be much easier and more economical in terms of space. In addition, cooking utensils on the suspension – a large kitchen interior.

Built-in appliances – unpretentious invention for small kitchens. But many believe that to build the oven, you can only use furniture. At the same time, it can find its place in the wall.

No matter how small the kitchen, most of all, the dining area is organized here. And if you do not plan to gather at the table a large number of people, it is recommended that you do not rinse down the half-board dining table or bulky bar. It's a more compact version – command bar.

With well organized system on storage cooker, pantry, and maybe not need, but if it is directly adjacent to the kitchen, why not combine them? This can give your kitchen a couple of extra square meters.