soundproofing in apartment how to achieve comfort

How to Soundproof a Wall Between Apartments (Without
how to soundproof a wall between apartments

How to create the right soundproofing in the apartment.
Noise – one of the factors affecting the choice of locationResidence: to buy an apartment, we are always looking for a quiet place and quiet neighbors. But even if we were lucky, think about soundproofing in some way necessary: ​​highway noise, buildings, elevator shaft and loud noise from neighboring apartments, annoying yet, and immediately the question arises – how to create a comfortable place in your house?

First, you must understand that the sound is heard of three "channels": first, we perceive air noise (voice, a baby cries, music from behind the walls, here you can include a busy highway noise outside the windows); Secondly, we live preventing noise impact (rattle, scratches of heels, moving furniture, hammer and the notorious drone drill or punch); and thirdly – structural noise, type of impact noise, it is driven through all floors of patches and bearing walls when one can not only hear but also feel that the five floors above are renovated.

Soundproofing in an apartment using plaster and plaster sheet.

The technique of dry construction will provide sheltered residents in apartments on all three types of noise using plaster and plaster sheets. These materials enable not only to speed home repair, to realize the design imaginations, make changes and planned space, but also help in the fight against noise. Few people know that dry construction – it is also a quick acoustic assistance to residents of high-rise buildings. Thus, consider the design based on these sheets in the form of soundproofing.

* Almost decoration

Hollow partition with a single-layer plating, without mineral wool fillers, rather solve design problems when you need the zone room. In addition to design, air noise decreases by 15-30 dB. Therefore, it is possible to isolate, for example, if living is a cupboard in the living room not too noisy. Such walls are also rested at offices between jobs.

* Simple and quiet

Heating in the apartment: protection against noise from different spectrum.

* Protection against noise spectrum of different

But you're more effective soundproofing, if the walls and partition walls will use the gypsum fiber sheet (GVL). This material not only reduces the decibel sound. Its structure and density make it possible to cut noise and all types of frequency ranges.

This "sandwich" is the appropriate seperate corridor from the private part of the apartment, the bedroom from the living room, the living room from the nursery to isolate the laundry or bathroom, or elevate the walls adjacent to the stairwell.

Heating in the apartment – how to achieve comfort?

* Double protection

If loud neighbors behind the wall, active children – make double boarding on the steel frame in plasterboard discs with mineral wool filling. Tests have shown that this design reduces air noise up to 58 dB and manages all audio frequencies.

For maximum insulation (60 dB) septum, and in fact the wall, split steel frame with a double lining of gypsum sheet on two sides and a double layer of mineral wool inside. The output is a wall thickness of between 15.5 to 25.5 centimeters. It's perfect, especially for the children's room and bedroom (background noise does not disturb light sleep even a toddler). Such walls are good for several rooms, communal apartments, dorms – for them will be residents of the room feeling much calmer. When it comes to soundproofing, these partitions are superior to wall foam blocks and bricks.

Partitions of this type are good for cozy bedroom apartments located in noisy areas near roads or railways, or adjacent to the elevator shaft, technical rooms, shops and offices. With the help of the wall you can also distinguish between the noisy kitchen and the bedroom, nursery, remove all the annoyances, as the room would be a welcome silence.

*, Shockproof shell

Shockproof must in the organization of the appropriate soundproofing in the apartment.

After sideways "on the perimeter of" mounting sound sound absorbing walls and floors will only establish a reliable window – and soundproofing work will be completely completed. And the resulting walls and floors due to the extremely smooth surfaces will be an excellent foundation for absolutely any finish. More is a contribution to a new quality standard housing: money once, can be obtained at the end of an oasis in a modern apartment with a unique climate and sound features. The hosts will be able to maintain the comfort of the household and the house is filled with "own" sound without disturbing any of the neighbors. Or, on the contrary, to achieve this healing and solemn silence, the dream of all the inhabitants of a multi-family house.