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Spectacular Deals on Homespice Decor Penny Coin Black
Homespice Decor Penny Coin Black Area Rug

Were for ceramic tiles for use as a decoration? Check the wind for the presence of residues of this material after repair. If not – refer to any hardware store. There you will find the remains of the plate just a few rubles.

Ceramic tiles – durable and durable materials, which are not afraid of high temperature, moisture, exposure to virtually all detergents. Directly on tiles, without worrying about its potential damage, you can put hot pots.

An interesting solution – the work surface and kitchen apron, dressed in Harmony types of tiles. One surface smoothly into the other. When this is not necessary in the arrangement of the joints, to facilitate cleaning of the kitchen.

From multicolored pieces of ceramic tile pockets to create a colorful wall painting. The complexity of the pattern depends only on the extent of your creativity! A simple motif on the wall, then laid side by side, can also draw a child. There may be schematic representations of flowers, animals, ornaments.

Simple implementation of the idea – abstract panels discolored stripes, geometric shapes. As a mosaic of use not only the remains of a plate, and battered dishes, big pearls. For the development of complex panels, it is recommended to have friends who have artistic taste. It is necessary to create a color scheme that will make the image volume. If you chart your own, keep in mind: the more colors used – the spectacular panels. The tiles can be painted: glossy surface is cleaned using a grinding layer, eg slippery paper, and then coated with ceramic or glass paint. Do not forget about the protective layer of paint.

Even coarse discounts, old pottery bins and converted after the remains of ceramic tile decoration. Trees, tiled, will be a highlight of infield. But in this case, we recommend using floor tiles with a matte surface. Otherwise the track is very slippery, especially during wet weather.

To make their own hands original look up for the kitchen, it will take a whole ceramic tile with beautiful patterns and ready watches. It may get out of the old clock or buy in a store specializing in selling products for handmade. In the central part of the plates need to make a hole using a drill. It is inserted into the clock mechanism and a practical interior for the kitchen is ready! The wheel of the clock, draw colors for glass or ceramics. If all the plates, which could be the basis of the hours, there was no – obkleyte ready to look at its fragments.

Solid ceramic tiles become standard standard for replacing paper or cloth. If you are sure of your own artistic skills – create one or more tiles, glued on a common ground, use of glass or ceramic paint. The finished composition is a suitable addition for the style and size of the frame.

You need a wooden plaque, which is cookie every housewife, and the remains of ceramic tiles. Using glue "floating nails" fragments of tiles fixed to the board in a chaotic manner, or on a selected image. The seams are filled with joint for a tray. On board you can glue plates and all the original colors.

Of course, ceramic tiles – are not the only way to revive the atmosphere. Be your attention and 9 unique ideas for the interior, worth a try at least once