spectacular wooden cottages in forest area which you can only dream of

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Incredible wooden cottages that will inspire.
Wooden house – one of the other than alternative time drives during a holiday or a weekend. And if such places are decorated with forests, beautiful rivers and lakes, it creates a truly amazing setting. These spectacular houses – another opportunity to have a good time and gain strength.

Traditional wooden houses are located in the middle of the woods and surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Fabulous mood will definitely stay in such a fantastic wooden house.

The house is located near the pond which allows you to create a special atmosphere.

Beautiful wooden houses in the desert make it possible to forget about the daily life and a dip on holiday with the head.

Sweet and unique types of forest that surround the house and create a special, relaxed atmosphere.

Beautiful houses with a wooden body and open deck make it possible to spend more time outdoors, especially on sunny days.

Simple and cozy atmosphere.

This house is beautiful and practical at the same time.

Small wooden house – a secluded and beautiful place to relax.

Winter atmosphere and comfort in a beautiful house on the edge of the forest.

Elegant design of the house at the height of the oak – excellent place to relax.

Wooden house on the beach with an unusual mooring and attracting.

A small cabin with a small wooden house.

Interesting exterior cabin in the woods captures at first glance.

Unbelievably simple design of the house in a wooded area gives the opportunity to really relax and gain strength.

A large wooden house, which is unlikely to impress anyone.

Beautiful wooden houses – this is the place where, in fact, you can spend time and relax.

Beautiful nature around the lodge ideal weekend.