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In collaboration with Ballingslöv, I have filmed all of our kitchen renovation in a web TV companion, where I provide an insight into how our thoughts went when we turned into a worn standard kitchen for a tailor made solution. In the first movie, you could see pre-pictures and take into account our wishes and needs. In the second movie released today you will see a little more of the mood board and accompany me to Ballingslöv's shop where Mija Kinning had drawn up three different options based on our goals: to focus on a timeless feel, more work surfaces and really durable materials / surface layers.

Because both the frames and hatches were worn, it did not feel like a sustainable alternative to patching and cooking on the old kitchen. That's why we left those parts that could still be used to a neighbor with similar kitchen layouts, moved the stove to the parent-in-law's farm, left the appliances at the recycling shop and invested in a new Swedish-made quality cookie that will last for a long time.

We live in a white newfunkisradhus. To me it felt important to relate to the character of the house in the choice of gaps and design, while at the same time softening all tight and straight lines of Nordic woods and "ostrid" classical details. Both me and Niklas like the atmosphere at the Peder Oxe restaurant in Copenhagen, so we mentioned it as an inspiration to Mija. And that's a tip if you're going to redo. Do not just look at other house / apartment environments but also at restaurants and hotels.

Layoutwise we would:
– Make the kitchen airy by lightening the number of overcocks
– Create more bench cool and a better flow when you're cooking many people
– Improve lighting with more thoughtful and dimmable lighting

Suggestion 1

Proposal 2

Proposal 3

In the film below, Mija explains her thoughts behind each sketch.
On Ballingslöv's website you can also see rendered images on Mijas proposal.