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Gorgeous kitchen features ivory cabinets paired with Silestone
Gorgeous kitchen features ivory cabinets paired with Silestone Lagoon countertops in a suede finish and a white subway tiled backsplash on upper part of

I have received so many questions about our countertop after the movie from our kitchen renovation in collaboration with Ballingslöv that I made my own contribution to answer your thoughts. I wanted to eat the feeling of natural stone but do not worry with stains and precautions. Both marble and limestone (which we initially chose between) are known to be very sensitive to stains, but we were advised that the kitchen would be functional, with durable materials. Mija then advised me about the Silestone composite stone that is available in a variety of designs. She brought over 50 samples of different white / beige / gray shades and we eventually chose a thin slab of light marble imitation with a smooth surface for a light feel in the kitchen and a nice meeting with the stainless steel sink we have sink. That's what happened to us:

I thought it was difficult to visualize how the small pieces of specimens would be on a larger surface so it all ended when I took my decision singing and went to Cosentino's warehouse in Gothenburg to see the discs in larger format. Most of their dealers also have larger countertops in their display kits that you can watch.

I am very pleased with our choice. Both appearance and functional. And we have really exposed our countertop for everything from New Year's Eve with red wine games, Pregnant Cravings for Citrus Salads and Pomegranate and an Eternal Juice Mix with Lemon and Turmeric. It has fixed everything. A little wet household paper is enough to dry away most of the time and we have not had a single permanent stain.

To you as wonder about the model, thickness, color, finish, etc., this is a shortlist of our choices:

– Material: Cosentino composite stone Silestone
– Color: Lagoon
– Thickness: 20 mm
– Depth: 70 cm
– Surface: polished / blank

Photo: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.se

* The post is part of a larger collaboration with Ballingslöv and Cosentino Silestone, but the opinions and choices are entirely my own