storage in bathrooms 23 cool ideas for any space

I love this storage idea such a great use of space.

Cool ideas for the bathroom

How to achieve the perfect arrangement in the bathroom? How do you place everything needed on a few square meters, and do not overload space? There are a number of interesting ideas that can make the interior of the bathroom neat and solve storage problems.

2. Niche in the shower

3. The slim niche in the bathroom

4. Perfect solution for small bathrooms

5. Brief bathroom storage

6. Practical deep niches in the bathroom

7. In the niche you can store towels

1. A nice niche in the bathroom
Imagine the best system for another storage crate of repair, when you can make a special niche. They save a lot of space, and the bathroom interior only benefits from this. Locate these niches can be in the shower or near a bathtub. They simply put a shampoo and shower gel, the deep niches are ideal for storing towels, paper dust. However, they have to be positioned away from the wet zone.

8. Wall shelves in the bathroom
The bathroom must be at least oneMontered regiments. It can also be equipped with hooks for towels or a bar. To diversify the interior, it is advisable to pick some colored towels that will be bright accents of space and dilute monotonin.

9. More mounted shelf

10. Storage system in a small bathroom

12. Interior small bathroom

13. Holding the sink

14. Open the cabinet under the sink

15. Creative design zone by sink

16. effective storage

17. Brief organizer of the bathroom

An interesting solution for a small bathroom – extract storage system. It is hidden from the eyes, does not take up much space and helps keep personal hygiene.

18. Extract Storage System
Towels and toilet paper are easily stored near the toilet. For example, use this place over it.

20. Door as the storage system
And, of course, do not forget about the little helper – more organizer of soap and shampoo bubbles.

21. Organizer of personal hygiene

22. Interestingly mounted niche

23. A cool idea for storage in the bathroom

There are a lot of interesting ideas for a small bathroom, worth mentioning.