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The use of industrial aesthetics within our premises is becoming increasingly popular among our compatriots. If the original ceiling style used in the former industrial buildings, warehouses, sold after closing of private actors, currently, even within the most common apartment can be realized loft-style furnishings. However, do not do in the case of a standard housing in multi-family houses without rebuilding. Style Loft is famous for its size – high ceilings, large panoramic windows, spacious rooms without walls. The apartment, as a rule, involves remodeling combines the living room, dining room and kitchen. Sometimes these functional segments of the "go" corridor can. Let's look at an example of a single apartment located in Nizhny Novgorod, which hosts, along with the designer from their positions and equipped with standard accommodation in a loft style with elements of modern style.

To achieve a sense of space within the city apartment the standard size is not easy, but really. Using an open-plan living room, which is also a dining room and kitchen, and helps you save the free movement by placing in the same room several functional areas. In the resulting space can be used as a finishing mode for all segments and use zone division using finishing material. For example, in this case a kitchen has its tile and individual beams on the ceiling separate the functional segment from the living room. These design decisions are dictated first and foremost, the practical side of the problem – it is obvious that the ceramic or stone slabs on the kitchen floor are much more practical laminate or parquet.

It's hard to imagine a room decorated with aroma without masonry as an accent or choice of finish all the walls. If the origin style ceiling, brick walls abused the owners transform industrial space in the legacy of these days of brick brickwork specially created or existing surface treated with special preservatives and varnishes. The same applies to public communications, which is particularly noticeable in the ceiling. Industrial aesthetics in favor of a demonstration of pipes and pipes, pipeline lines, power stations and ducts. When you make a modern home in a loft style, open wires, and other technical systems, the contrast is emphasized against light finish, giving the interior not only dynamic but also brutality.

In the kitchen all storage systems, appliances and countertops are successfully housed in a single-piece layout of furniture sets. Light beige shiny surface of kitchen shutters does not draw attention, creating an excellent backdrop for the more prominent parts of the interior – a kitchen apron, decoration of walls and ceilings. It is obvious that in the working area of ​​the kitchen space it is necessary to provide a brighter light – if a roof for this system was created from wooden beams, in which, as in the cells, the fluorescent lamps are arranged.

To maintain a balance between the contrasting interior decor and the calmer design kitchen, which lies between the pillar has a very brutal and even a bright look. Black frame dining table and chairs in combination with light wood and soft shadow upholstery and contrasting looks stylish, speaks focal point in the room.

Bedroom and office

Within the space of a few bedrooms loft style fools in the background, despite active use of bricks and exposed to display messages. A certain bohemian with a modern twist becomes the main motive decoration in the room. It is related to the presence of make-up tables, living plants and even flowers, carved frames for the design accent wall above the bedside table as an alternative to conventional lists, an unusual choice of textile decoration bed.

Separate of dense, heavy curtains zone Cabinet has its own unique features design space. Despite the presence of finish that connects all the rooms in a harmonious way, its own unique accents have office – original print wallpaper on a wall, presence of the cabinet, display with bar and light bookcase as an alternative to the traditional cabinets for cabinets.

In the small space for a bathroom, mirrors are not the topic of industrial aesthetics, without affecting the operation of practical utilitarian premises. Masonry perfectly suited for this, but only in the form of a successful imitation ceramic tile. A full picture of the original toilet, you can use the design ceiling lamp and mirror in an unusual frame.