stylish apartment sweden that does not leave anyone indifferent

An Attic Penthouse Beyond Compare in Gothemburg, Sweden
Here is an amazing apartment that we are certain will not leave you indifferent.

Apartment in Sweden, 63 square meters

Russian designers want to use a baking tune their work Scandinavian style. In fact, many apartments in Russia and Sweden are the same in size and layout. Today, such apartments were in our field of vision. They used interesting design techniques that help save space and make the interior spacious and visually harmonious.

Spacious, bright interior

white kitchen
Scandinavians do not hide their love for the white color. This on was used not only for walls but also on the floor and the furniture. This is because white interior makes it easier, making it visually spacious and airy. Additionally, the use of a single paint for wall and floor paint can wipe out the boundaries of space and make the room visually larger. That is why it is recommended to apply malogabaritki should it take into account and host hruschëvok.

Home bibilioteka, without the use of a special rack or cabinet
Although quadrature apartments allowed to put an overall furniture, it did not. On the contrary, there are many used compact solutions that are appropriate and in small housing. For example, in the corridor we made some niches with shelves and shelves with baskets like the net for storage of accessories. In the living room one of the walls occupied by the library. For this purpose, the consolidated open shelves. This will save on the purchase of the shelf or bookshelf. But in the bedroom once put two wardrobes, but not deep, but very spacious. They have no furniture, making them almost invisible (they seemed to mingle with the walls).

Budget furniture that saves space

Stylish wardrobe without fittings almost passes the wall

Built-in almost invisible in the interior of a bedroom

A small storage room is transformed into a changing room

Everything on the shelves

Light and cozy hall

Laconic storage in the corridor

Accent the wall of the bedroom

Elegant furnishings in the living room

small balcony

Nice storage in the kitchen

Beautiful cozy balcony

bathroom with toilet

The interior of a small bathroom
A small apartment can be converted without the help of a designer. And to make it easy for just 5 steps.