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Unusual decor partition

Sometimes the interior simply can not be outtaeptum. Especially such is required in a studio or small odnushku. This accessory does not take up much space, it's easy to move around the room, and it's completely planned space. But the Japanese designer of sufficient material, so he decided to make a normal partitione a work of art.

Partition for a small interior
Japanese Taeg Nishimoto intended for unusual items, which are not like the others. This designer and stand out among peers, creates the stylish accessories using deep structures, combining unusual techniques and materials. This time he decided to experiment with wood and silver.

Silver sheets reflect and multiply light
The second step, which made the designer-processing side. Its texture is preserved perfectly. Creating a contrasting effect Taeg Nishimoto decided to use silver foil sheets. It happened to improve the beauty of wood, to make an original combination of materials and textures.

Artwork Taeg Nishimoto
For the manufacture of interior partitions TaegNishimoto used small bars of white pine. Before consolidating them into a metal casing, the master has processed them in the traditional Japanese technique with coal charcoal. This procedure is quite complicated and requires special exposure. In addition, it should be carbonized only one side.

On the one hand, carbonized wood
All bars are secured locally, and can freely rotate 360 ​​degrees. This allows each time to make the interior of taste, and visually change space to propagate it. Where can you use this partition? For example, where you have to hide out of sight bed. This furniture perfectly separates the recreation area from the common space, but will miss the big light. The partition is useful for zone layout dining, living room or workplace, and looks good in the cabinet interior. And yet it can be used safely as a decorative element, so it looks good in any space.

The bars rotate freely

Unusual septum inside
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