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Nice things for the kitchen

How to diversify and transform the interior of the cooking process for cooking on a vacation? This can be achieved if you choose the right kitchen appliances. They do not take up much space, but immediately make notes in the course of humor, creativity and raise the mood.

Instead of the usual plates
If an ordinary rough plate bored, you can see it more original. For example, such an organizer can for breakfast, where the egg is placed perfectly, toast, salt and pepper. Comfortable and quite unusual! Certainly, such an idea as a child.

futuristic juices
The famous British designer Philippe Starck (Philippe Starck), famous for his love of all concise and practical. So he decided to create a juicer that does not take much space in the kitchen and looks as elegant the inner element. It turned out he had a good idea, but such a tool is useful only for the collection of citrus fruit juice.

Holder for tablet
Sometimes, for the preparation of a particular dish, tpebuetsya regularly examine the recipe. Many women hold such information on the plate, but it is very difficult to put on a work surface. In such cases, simply can not do without a practical holder for gadgets.

nine and
Well, when all the tools for cooking cookies, muffins and other pastries are always on hand. Designers of Joseph Joseph are considered this point and released a compact and practical set, consisting of nine points at once, and if necessary, they are all shaped into a large size pot.

Organizer of wet dishes
The brand has specialized in Joseph Joseph Manufacturing of stylish and unusual gadgets for the kitchen. The company's designers have taken care not only of the pleasing cooking process, but also about how to organize the dishes. They have created an organizer who is appropriate to put dishes after washing. As the water flows down from the kitchen utensils, it drops to a special rinse, where there is a silent flow in the sink.

Board over the sink
There are another 15 kitchen machines that make life easier for the hostess. Everyone is worth the attention!