Sublevel Women’s Transition Jacket

Sublevel Women's Sporty Transition Jacket 46550D Anthrazit S:
Sublevel Women's Sporty Transition Jacket 46550 9 Colors XS XL B015CF4NLO

The jacket looks great, is well made and would be safe too
comfortable, but unfortunately she was in my size up too much
closely. As a transitional jacket definitely a good buy, if you do not
too broad shoulders stop.

Jacket was very nice and well processed but unfortunately too small! You should buy at least one size larger if not even 2. If you want a thick sweater under it is otherwise quite tight. Find the shoulder area very tight!
Had to send her back which was not a problem at all.

In the first try on and the zipping of the zipper, this was right down again. The pushbuttons barely hold each other and are much too easy to release. In addition, the jacket rustles loudly.
I sent her back, because although she looks and fits well, she should stay closed.

Unfortunately, far too short, I am 173 and I do not need to bend down anymore. For otherwise cut rather wide, the collar looks great on the picture, but if you close the jacket, it looks very bland, since the tip runs sideways. But the material would have been great, even sleeves that are long enough. Sorry, back

In search of a BEAUTIFUL and good winter jacket, I have decided for this.

She looks great! She is a little too small, but acceptable. Not really warm though a bit too short and the bags are stupid too. You can not do anything in there – drop out anyway.

Would not she buy me for the price again. Because of the cold permeability.

For years I had a snowboard jacket (for the normal winter, not just for skiing), but unfortunately gave up last year the spirit. Replacement needed. I chose this jacket in size XL.
Ordered yesterday, delivered today – great.
The jacket is compact and a little stiff, it has to be, it is new and lined. Labberig she is by itself, if it was often worn :-).
It wears well and looks comfortable without being clunky. The only minus points: yes, she is tight. With a size of 1.72 and a weight of about 71 kg, I have decided for XL. I have rather broad shoulders and a lot of bust size but the jacket should not be smaller. The sleeves are very long, a bit disturbing at first glance, but not so bad at the second: no matter whether you cycle or ski in winter: the wrists remain covered, the more so, as the inside, knitted cuffs is so long in that it has a thumb hole. So everything is warm and proper.
Both negatives are small and do not justify a star deduction.
For the price – about 70 € – you can without hesitation 5 stars. If I had paid much more for it: I do not know. Then I already expect "perfection". But as I said: the price / performance ratio is absolutely great and I'm happy about the jacket. She also looks very civilized and dressy in civilian life, even without skis under her feet.

The jacket is really good quality. Unfortunately, she was too big for me. The collar has really bothered me, if you do not close the jacket completely, the collar is off. He is also quite stiff for that. The hood can be removed. The shipping was very fast. When returning the mail I had a problem with the post. The bag in which the jacket was shipped was not accepted by the post office. I then had to pack the jacket in a box Therefore, for the collar and for the difficult return one star deduction each.

… I can not say otherwise. It fits, I did not have to buy a size bigger. She is very well made and does not smell. She is lightweight and she does not contract even in the shoulder area. It has been a good choice and is definitely recommended by me. The autumn storms can come.

The color was OK. The size, however, not. Although I already ordered L, which is one size bigger than usual, it still did not fit. Looked like a pressed sausage and in general I did not like the shape, so I did not order bigger again.

Very nice jacket but who ordered "Dark Blue" and expected a blue jacket is disappointed she is gray / anthracite but with blue has nothing to do with not even with the Viod because she seems almost black I still keep them because of me that still further disturbs and the jacket is really nice and keeps warm!