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Surprising interior: 10 stunning beautiful kitchen in black
Black kitchen only wins its position. Just it is subject to contrast art, accent, whether it's an industrial style apartment in Brooklyn, luxury apartment in Australia, a luxury villa in Sweden or renovated houses from the former library. We offer a review of the 10 dishes that will look at the decor on a completely different page.

Interior black food from The Works

The Kitchen of James Dawson Interiors

1. In this house, which until now had been a public library, the reconstruction worked by designer Jessica Helgerson, who decided to focus on the original windows that were left from the previous premises. The black color is present in the finishing touches of kitchen and built-in furniture. Among the shelves filled with cookbooks, the spirit still stands in the library, which is underlined and the presence of a special rope on wheels.

2. Interior and furnishings in this immaculate luxury apartment in Queensland, Australia, studied interior designer James Dawson. He preferred geometry. From the kitchen window with the original roof stunning views of the coast. (Dawson came up with drawing, and then found a team that made use of wallpaper.) Flails cupboards and worktops made of black marble provide an elegant and chic image of the entire kitchen including a mirror that serves as a protective apron . The use of black was the best because it contrasts with bright walls and a view from the window.

Kitchen LDA Architecture & Interior

The kitchen of Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects

The kitchen in Auhaus Architecture

5. In this Australian family is also present in the kitchen black. Designers from the Auhaus Architecture company chose a matte black finish for laminate and kitchen cabinets. In this kitchen all surfaces are perfect in combination with wood, including gender, independent work area and finishing. Separately it should be noted and is ideally adapted to the Moroccan tile protection apron in the main work area.

The kitchen in Douglas Design Studio

The kitchen in Design Line Construction

7. Company Candace Cavanaugh Kitchen Decoration was the basis for black and brown colors, especially in decoration and kitchen cabinets. Brown black color adds heat, despite the fact that it is too dark color. As a bright accent designer has stopped the choice of bar stools bright yellow. The kitchen looks luxurious and elegant.

The Kitchen of Renovation Design Group

8. A team of renovation Design Group has managed to provide a modern looking bungalows, which sought and owner of the house. Black cabinetry fits perfectly in industrial style frames including a corrugated ceiling, large side windows, concrete countertops and stainless steel accents.

9. This room in Brooklyn, New York, where there is today a kitchen, used as a woodworking shop. As an independent working area, one of the machines in this workshop remains. Close to black cabinet found its place collection of spices and unique teapots that have long accumulated landlords.

The kitchen in black colors

10. In this unusual location in Toronto has found its place and quite original and impressive kitchen with all its appliances and cabinets. Great emphasis is placed on the masonry and unusual lights. Also interesting elements can be considered a black panel to draw with chalk – a kind of art area. The top row of shelves mounted lamps. If black seems too radical, you can pay attention to the 50 most amazing kitchens in gray from the best designers in the world.

The kitchen in black colors