the actual design small apartments ideas and examples

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Everyone wants their own area as you canstolst to say "my house". Of course, not everyone can afford to buy a country house or large apartment with high ceilings. It is for this reason that the real estate market is now so in demand small apartments. If you want to buy such an apartment, or already its tenant, then you know firsthand that the comfort of living in it depends on the correct design of the interior. Skinny design makes small apartment close to the room a cozy and unique accommodation.

For example, a small apartment remodeling can visually expand the space and use interesting design solutions. Thus you can combine the corridor and the room or use the pantry on your own.

In addition, the residents in these apartments often clean partitions and walls between the kitchen and the living room, which significantly increases living space. It is advisable to plan the combined work area with a seating area. However, it should be noted that such a construction and repair work often requires permission from the relevant authorities and may cost the owner of an apartment in a significant amount.

If we talk about the colors it is best to develop the design small apartment, it is better to use only bright colors and shades. They enlarge the visual space.

The right lighting can also play an important role in the visual expansion space. Do not close the window tight, heavy curtains. Let the daylight flood the room through the window, framed by light classic or Roman blinds.