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Split Level Home Designs u2013 For A Clear

Really brilliant idea was to start the space space, not only in width but also in height about the ceilings, you can place another floor, duplex apartment solves a small problem area.

Today we decided to publish a selection of Photographs of the interior, which probably may like owners lofty ceilings, residents of the high wind floors, and even those living in the former municipal apartment.

The ground floor can be a great solution for a tenant (eg students) or for the whole family: in the lower level, the kitchen or living room, and upstairs, usually accommodate bedrooms.

The second part, which will be in bed, can sometimes be equipped in an unexpected place. For example, just above the kitchen. In fact, if you do not spend in bed for long, and in my bedroom just to sleep, almost does not matter that the bed is not too spacious.

Even in the first level, you can place something that is never enough space, such as changing rooms or offices for their favorite lobby.

The floor apartment has its drawbacks: even though you place a bedroom on the second "floor", in fact, it will still be in the same room as the living room. This means that if one of the family members, guests, and the rest will not be able to leave the bed "in another room." But this problem does not appear compared to what you almost doubled space.