the bath mat with their hands

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Ambesonne Hello Bath Mat by, Summer Inspiration with Hand Drawn Bird and Windsurf Board Cartoon

Bathroom mat with your hands using conventional ocean stones or river gravel to make an incredibly simple and easy.

1. Rubber base (rubber mat or any desired size rubber segment). The most important thing – it's water-repellent.

For the manufacture of stone carpet, you need:

2. Durable all-purpose detergent glue.

3. Flat sea stones or river gravel.

The process of creating a carpet of stones is the extremity – to start rinsing our rubber base, and then drying and starting gluing stones. Stones must keep picking them so that the gaps between them as small as possible. Imagine collecting mosaics. When you will paste all the stones, put a rug made of stones in a dry place, let dry glue, at least one day.

As you can see, creating such a bath mat with your hands does not take much work and time, and the bath will be a part of nature and relaxing atmosphere.