the bathroom vintage style 5 secrets elegant interior

Classic vintage style can transform a bathroom into
Classic vintage style can transform a bathroom into a little jewel box. The height of this tile, coupled with the natural light, reflects and shines;

Bathroom in retro style

How to make the bathroom a nice and calm atmosphere? Can a small room be transformed, become lighter, more elegant and more attractive? There are some excellent ways to change the interior of the bathroom for the better.

The material is suitable for the walls white ceramic tiles

Brick tiles can be in the form of a brick wall

The vintage bathroom looks good bright colored walls

Background in style with Art Deco

Vintage bathroom suitable wallpaper with floral pattern
The most suitable for creating elegant interior fit vintage style. He makes an exceptional place and can even transform a small bathroom. Some interesting options, you can choose to finish vintage bathrooms: • Conventional painting in bright pastel colors. You can pay attention to beige, light olive, gray and ivory. • Background vintage style effect or yellowed old paper. Do not be redundant floral patterns or art deco-style designs. • rectangular tiles white, like in a brick wall.

Bath with legs
Bite your legs – one of the most striking elements of style. The legs can be brass, bronze, with aging effect, with gold or just white. Bathing for that can be made of ordinary materials, such as copper or brass. These materials are most clearly reflecting the retro style. Bathing your legs is sure to make an interior room elegant and graceful.

Elegant bath in retro style

A white bath in retro style

Elegant bronze crane

Black mixer in retro style

Retro style shelves

Vintage style storage

Elegant storage shampoo

Pedestals can be bought in a flea market, and towels folded in braided basket

The walls of the retro bathroom decadence ornate black and white photographs in wooden frames, mirrors, interesting shapes and mirrors in large frames. The latter can be chopped or gilded. Well if I can get decor items with a story. Often can be found on flea markets. If these are not available, it is enough to buy a stylized version, as long as the feeling of wear is created inside.

The mirror in a massive frame – bright interior element in a vintage bathtub

vintage details

The mirror in the bathroom decor
If there is any doubt about choosing a bath for a retro-style room, it is worth noting our review of the 11 most popular materials.