the beds between rooms family for three years lived in house teplice

Family Luxury Apartment, Teplice, Czech Republic -
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A giant greenhouse with housing house inside.
Students at the University of Rotterdam (RotterdamUniversity, Netherlands) were built on the territory of a giant greenhouse with a housing house inside. Family of 4 people has agreed to conduct an experiment and to live in this building for three years. The home team will show how it will be possible to grow the necessary fruits and vegetables without leaving home.

Detached house with vertical gardens.
In 2015, the Scholten family (Scholten) family was invited to move in an unusual house, which looked like a greenhouse. Helly Scholten, a botanical stylist, embraced the enthusiastic idea and persuaded the family to perform this experiment.

House of Galicia in Rotterdam.
The building is mainly made of glass of natural wood. Several exterior walls are decorated with vertical gardens. Inside the house the plants were planted, not only in beds, but also on the ceiling, and between the living room.

House of Galicia in Rotterdam. Living room.
Against the background of new environmental trends, another couple from Stockholm, settled in a house with energy-saving technology, the cover glass.

Lunch is right in the greenhouse.

House of Galicia in Rotterdam. Kitchen.
Until 2018 the family will record your actions with regard to convenience and purposeful arrangement greenhouses so close to home.