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Small house in the mountains, whose construction breaks stereotypes
Painted in trendy orange color beams, floors and walls were the main subject of reconstruction. Today, the interior decor is gray in the kitchen miraculously combined bluish-green color and copper accessories, and all the lights in the house were transformed and become more in line with the style of a country house in the mountains.


rest area

Personal Profile: The Country House Living: A Family of Three Plots: Deer Valley, UtahSize: 538.8 m2; 6 bedrooms, 6 bathroomsDesign: Massucco Warner Miller InteriorThe house was not a hall or a place where you can leave dirty shoes and equipment after skiing so that the designer, Melissa Warner, tried to arrange a place at the expense of the hall. She established a slim wooden bench clothed in order to be able to sit down and remove your shoes before the house. The floor of the hall covered roofway, appropriate texture and color.

Modern gray tones in the wooden elementary house, including flooring and beams on the ceiling in the living room, replaced the orange color that was still on the respective beam outside the building, it can clearly be seen from the window. For neutral tones furniture designer to choose the right Turkish mat, exposed beams and is now light carpet perfectly balanced proportions in the room, where the height is six meters.

dining room


living room

Melissa calls the living room the most comfortable room in the house. Additional sofa dark chocolate color and ottoman, clothed in light fabric, which serves as a coffee table, delight all family members who love meeting here to talk or watch TV, located on the opposite wall. Designer Successfully matched curtains, carpets and furniture fabrics to maintain color balance and provide a wonderful atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Two small wooden chairs from Morocco are extra beds for children or guests.

dressing room


The parents' bedroom has mixed multi-chairs, thanks to the big soft bed, dressed in striped linen cloth an old red Turkish mat and black and white divan bed. According to Melissa, the more patterns you mix in decoration, the more interesting and unique way in the room.

parent bathroom

The designer wanted to focus on the main parents the bathroom was marble, so the decoration of walls, ceilings, cupboards and frames white color has been chosen in the mirrors that no contrast patterned marble worktops and walls in the shower.

White is the background and the decor decorates walls in the bedrooms for the guests. The house has a lot of wooden elements, and in order to make the interior more modern look, designers decided to paint them in suitable colors. These beds are soft nails decorated decorative bedside. At the foot of the designer put two blankets of linen blanketed benches. The windows are decorated with curtains of chocolate color with white stripes on the sides.


A niche in the hall became a place where the designer has organized a fun decorative area with pictures of ducks and a chest of drawers made of oak, which found its old lights and original horns.

A niche in the hall

In the children there are two sections with bunk beds, located in front of and stylized pipeline. Factory lamps on the dark blue and antique rocking chairs will be further accents. As a result of the reconstruction, and the room was fun and cozy place where children are happy to spend their time.

The children's bathroom has a washbasin with three mixers. Plus a sink that while three children can brush their teeth. They quickly get out of the way and rush out on the street to go skiing.


Spacious patio cement and stone artificial mountain views. Rattan furniture and a large dining table made of teak are perfect for dinner and lots of fun in the free of your friends during the hot season.