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The choice of curtains ceiling can not affectEndest perception of interior space, but also on its size: well chosen roofing table can visually "lift" roof "expand" is too narrow wall to give the room a small volume.

Curtains should always match the chosen Interior style, fit in color and complement the whole. They play an important role in the decoration of the room, but no less important, and taglists. In addition to the roof rails carry constructive task – keeping the curtains, to ensure their reliable operation, simple opening and closing, it should also match stylist and harmonious fit into the interior.

To be able to choose a curtain roof rack, consider the following factors:

The advice. Remember that properly selected roofing lists can visually change the view of the room, to correct the deficiencies and emphasize dignity:

Note that the brackets have different lengths. If this length is greater than the distance from the window opening up to the ceiling, above the console does not fit. Sometimes in such cases they are fixed below the window opening level, this arrangement is called the "part of the window." If the edge has a length of more than two meters, it is necessary to strengthen the three console if less – only two.

The distance between the consoles should preferably be less than one and a half and more than two meters. In this case the roofing table will keep its stick not deformed and fabric curtains – saw.

To be able to choose a curtain ceiling, its design and position, the following measurements must be made (in cm):

Each type of window corners has attached to hanging curtains. Consider the most common options.

profile system

Benefits. Aluminum is strong enough, but it is flexible, because it can be made roof tiles round shape for decoration of niches, bay windows, lansett or other non-standard windows. In addition, the profile of the lists is usually provided with an automatic mode curtain control system, which is very convenient, especially if the room is high ceilings.

Aluminum has the guide, one or more, in which sliding hooks – they stick to the curtains.

There are also specialized plastic systems that attract low prices. They are only suitable for thin fabrics as well as heavy drapes their weight causes their deformation.

If you need a multi-line option for corniche curtains, profile – the best choice. They can consist of curtains in two, three, four and even numbers. For example, transparent tulle attached, the following should be a tight curtain to close the window profile, and the extreme – kappa. Or at least the joints can be mounted transparent tulle in different colors that make it possible to vary the mood light flow density and shade.

Popular Today Roll, Japanese Curtains Roman curtains and blinds are exactly the central system, and have a common reason, but between them and have structural differences.

classic roof list

The most traditional form of curtain rods-tubular structure. They can be made of wood or metal pipe. The larger the diameter of the roofing table – the more heavy curtains, he is able to withstand.

The brackets for these curtains can be as follows: