The color combination plinth floor and doors

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Base your plinth design on existing blocks throughout the home.

To the interior looked harmonious, it is important to choose the right color on the floor, sockets and doors in finishing flat.

Win-win alternative – white sockets for a sowing door and window enclosure. They can "become friends" with each other also inappropriate at first sight the colors soothe the situation, to give a festive and elegant appearance.

Consider a combination of several alternative baskets, floors and doors in finishing apartments and their role in shaping the interior.

In that case, if you want to combine darker tongolv with dark LEAF designers recommend that you choose bright colors for lists and door lining. This will facilitate the visual space, making it more "transparent".

The combination of the floor and the doors of the same color come to see clear and contrasting lists to avoid monotony. Note that an important role in the visual impression of this solution plays the width of linear elements – like a socket, and door lining and roofing. In this case it should not be less than eight centimeters. This color scheme looks very elegant and suitable for all rooms in the apartment.

Bright the color of the floor, floor tiles and doors require tireless care and maintain cleanliness. So often, six make dark, but doors and lists can be light. This option looks very solemn, and is suitable for various types of furnishings.

But there is a warning: and doors and lists have often been washed, that they have not lost their appeal. Particularly impractical in this regard, white color, so think about the color combination of the base, floors and doors can hardly contain to white. It is better to choose light, but less easily soiled colors: beige, cream, ivory, light wood.

The colors on the floor, sockets and doors, you can choose to have a spectacular and original combination, self-contained decoration. For example, in the standard version of dark floors and bright walls, the use of white baskets and bright colors for leaves create an interesting artistic image.

Deep Color makes it possible to concentrate attention to the entrance, so this solution is usually chosen to provide the interior of the kitchen, halls, foyers. Such contrasting combination floor tiles, floors and doors will look great in a pop art style and modern minimalist style.

If light floor doors have dark color, BMC must choose bright colors. But no, they can be as dark as door strips strict boundaries.