the design a large house with open space ground floor

open floor plan

Inspirational and recreation, Casa Cubo Nästanen rectangular house, designed by Studio MK27, in Sao Paulo. Laconic residence is entirely made of concrete, with a modern metallic finish. The ground floor is designed as an open space, but the interior of a large house allows you to "hide" under sliding metal panels. The house is surrounded by lush greenery, perfect for rest and recharging the batteries. It's like a mini jungle that makes you forget about the life and movement of the city!

There is also a wooden deck that gives you warmth feeling of peace: you sit next to the lake, admire its openness, not think of any particular, resolution in infinity. Interior of a large house Casa Cubo is bright and fresh, amazing scenery can be enjoyed in the open space in the living room or on the terrace. It would be really nice in the evening and at dawn, when you can hear the whisper of the wind, sit and enjoy a good book. Such a wonderful and stylish design of the big house! Is not that?