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Ancerre Designs - Soft Close Drawer Hinges -
Catherine 63 in. W x 18 in. D Vanity in White with Solid Surface

Bathroom design in purple tones on a hint that its owner – nature artistic and refined, creative person. Psychologists believe that those who choose this color, it's easy to get connected to people or things and hard to separate from them.

Many people in the world are the color of communication besides forces, the Indians west in purple highest chakra, connecting man with God. In any case, the design of the purple bathroom can be elegant, romantic, soft, and to create an environment of privacy that lies in dreams.

Decorators know that purple shades are very, and they can relate to both the hot and cold palette. This means that almost every person can create a perfect interior based on that color.

Another big plus – bright shades of purple give the room ease and increase in volume, if only visually.

The design of purple and pink bathroomsRed can provide spectacular combinations, but it must be very careful setting for the choice of colors to get the desired result. In addition, they should not be too much.

For bathrooms in purple colors can choose VVS in the tone, but look good, and usually white. Against the background of purple walls, it will stand out and draw attention, so there is an opportunity to play an unusual shape.

You can go "on the contrary" – in the light of white walls, purple spot furniture or plumbing that looks sophisticated and elegant.

Design Purple bathroom accessories make. These can be textile items such as bathrobes and towels on hooks, glasses for toothbrushes or wall brackets, and even bubbles of dried lavender or violet live.