the design small single storey house from the architettura daniele menichini

Naturalmente Chic by Daniele Menichini | Architecture, Cabin
Naturalmente Chic by Daniele Menichini

This small one-storey house was built for Project Di Architettura Daniele Menichini, Italian Architectural Office. The construction was carried out in a minimalist style which, according to a plan for founder, gives the house an opportunity to easily integrate into any external environment, such as beach, forest, village center or where the landscape will win your heart. The house is equipped with environmentally friendly technology: thin film solar panels are located on the roof and a rainwater collection system.

At the base of this small one-plane house with natural stone, and the construction itself is made of wood.

According to the proposal, the small one-storey house is designed for two people, but there is enough room to accommodate a large company when needed. Bathroom and the rest of the house divided by a single curtain. The large windows of the house, which are quite used both as a source of natural light houses, and also make it possible to feel the natural environment at maximum.

In this photo of a small private house illustrated thin film sols.

Picture a small private house Di Architettura Daniele Menichini with a terrace for relaxation.

The interior of a small farmhouse is also designed in a minimalist style.