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Creative ways to use the space under the
Build the ultimate entertainment den under the stairs with a simple bench and some shelving. Whilst homing those books and CDs that have over spilt their

The owner no matter your property, whether large private house, or as a small house. In any case, one of the priority issues in front of you will be to organize the storage of a variety of objects and things.

A perfect solution would be to equip the space under the staircase, which lies in the hall area and in the locker room. All available space under the stairs, you can fill a variety of cabinets with hangers. Boxes for street shoes and drawers for individual seat cabinets. Also, there are shelves for briefcases, bags and hats.

We all know that there is always a pity to allocate for this purpose the desired place in the home. Everything is almost its weight in gold. Therefore, there is a perfect solution to this problem. It is used with full functionality, the space under the stairs. It turns out that there are a large number of architectural solutions – both competent and efficient use the space under the stairs.

The design under the stairs, in the highest position, We provide storage for bulky items, such as bags, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, cleaning tools, as well as large drawers. This organization of storage is very convenient because it is located just at the exit of the property.

It turns out that not only rooms under the stairs, suitable for storage facilities. In the steps of the staircase itself can be integrated boxes on the shooting system. And thus keep things straight on the stairs.

Develop the pattern under the stairs, Architectural-standardized solutions are used. Due to the space under the stairs can be added to existing kitchen more functional meters. Storage tokens, built-in appliances, and a cutting surface, become redundant for any hostess.

If all podlestnichnoe space, divided shelves equally large, you get perfect storage for your books and magazines. Thus, you are free from bulky cabinets, against the wall. And add a much needed area in my room.

Turn the space under the stairs, icons. The decision not to present a designer? Reception, sliding pedestal drawers, shelves for documents, proper organization lighting. And your workplace fits perfectly into the cabin.

So, if the house has stairs, this is not. It means you have removed a large amount of much needed space. Due to different design under the stairs, you can arrange a variety of functional areas.

Sliding systems are preferable rather deep shelves that provide a large staircase. If you have a rather narrow staircase, then go ahead and make it to the store shelves.