The designer tips fashion trends 2016 bedroom decor

DIY a similarly awe inspiring painting with some matte black paint and gold foil or spray paint.

Designer Tip: Fashion trends 2016 in decoration in the bedroom
The bedroom is a private space where you relax with body and soul, to recover. In her many spend a lot of time, so we have some ideas that will help make the room look nice, neat and cozy.

The large bedroom in Asian style by Webb & Brown-Neaves

Bedroom in gray and white color scheme Reed Design Group

Bedroom furnishings of Incorporated

The furnishings of the bedrooms are sure to be modernly combined with elements that are always relevant, in addition, one bedroom should reflect the personality of the hosts. If you do not want to completely change the mood of the room, you should use a few trendy items to refresh the decor. After all, style and fashion are rooted in the details.

If you want to update the decor in the bedroom, use a modern and 2016 Scandinavian style. This also applies to the decor and accessories, and bedside tables and even the beds finish. It can be considered completely ergonomic. Almost every detail has a specific function. For example, gray shades of walls, light wood furniture and make the room more cozy.

The age of wood from Garrison Hullinger Interior

Bedroom Decor of Studio Revolution

Wooden platform bed from Devall designer & Home

Nice bedroom by Groundswell Design Group

Gaveln on the wall 2 by Carla Aston Interior

Bedroom furnishings by Simone Alisa

Luxury fitted with expensive fabric bedspread or duck, made of wood – any creative solution can make a nice bedroom. It's not always original, tailor-made headgear cost more than ready acquired in the store. In addition to the savings regarding individual orders, you can choose the appropriate style of taste, color, texture, size. It is also possible to do the head and hands, the most important thing to find a good idea.

The bedroom in country style Maison Maison Interior

Flower wallpaper from Fiddlehead Design Group

Calm wallpaper in the interior of Hoi Ning Wong

Geometric wallpaper in the interior of Arent & Pyke

If you have long wanted to pokleit wallpaper bedroom, this spring can certainly fulfill the dream. Choose the best patterns, such as, for example, imitate the forest, or abstract designs that blur the edges and clean lines, or bright wallpaper to give a contrast. If you do not want to paste over the walls, you can start with at least one. A world of new colors, impressive designs and unique prints will surely please.

The interior of a bedroom with a workstation from Dayka Robinson Designs

Bedroom with bathroom from O plus L

Modern bedrooms – it's not just a place to sleep. It's a kind of "house in a house", which for simplicity, you can find everything you need without going beyond it. Some organize in the bedroom study, while others simply install a small desk or wall mounted TV and a bathroom to arrange a comfortable place to relax in the peace and quiet at home. You can also install a small bar and a few days free to ensure a high quality vacation without leaving the bedroom. And that mood is completely sootvetsvovala mental attitude, you have to choose the right colors. For bedroom 7 harmoniously recommend options.