the ergonomics bathroom

Bathroom Planning Guide
bathroom ergonomics

All rooms in an apartment or a country house are functional and comfortable as possible, it is especially important for bathrooms. Ergonomics bathrooms must also be given at the beginning of the design, every detail must be compact and extremely functional.

When placed in bathroom plumbing articles it is recommended that between them as well as between the equipment and the door leaf or partition the distance was not less than 75 centimeters.

The minimum distance between the sanitary devices is 50 centimeters and between the equipment and the door leaf or barrier 60 centimeters.

When placed in a room, bathroom sinks, wash basins and from the edge to the nearest object distance should be at least 55 centimeters.

If you have a double sink, the minimum distance between wash basin is 10 centimeters and 90 centimeters from the optimal wash basin center.

If the toilet is separate, its minimum dimensions will be at least 152h76 centimeters. For optimal ergonomics bathroom 168h92 centimeters.

When installing toilet paper holder, follow the recommended built-in dimensions shown in the diagram.

When placed in the bathroom shower wall, it must be a minimum size of 76h76 cm, and optimal 90×90 centimeters.