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The front facade of this home features three
The front facade of this home features three front gables and a Sherwin Williams color scheme, with the siding in Chatroom 6171, the board and batten

If you choose to decorate your house quickly, cheaply but practically, and then, to repair or change the target must not be soon, it is necessary to consider the options for sidewalk facades.

This modern finishing material is easy to use, easy to install, and it's relatively cheap. There are several types of exterior walls, and making the right choice should be clear differences between them.

Each of the types of finishing materials has advantages and disadvantages, and their application.

It looks like a building board. Facades made of vinyl, suitable for almost any architectural style.

A wide variety of facades of private housesSidospores are achieved not only by a rich color palette of the material, but also due to different directions of plastic "boards", "fishbens", horizontal or vertical stripes. Very popular bar among homeowners is called "aboard a ship."

The main advantages of metal sideways:

Facades made of fiber cement sideways, have a distinctive feature – it makes the color of the surface, that is, after a while, you can change the color of your home without spending money.

Fiber cement – an artificial material of natural origin. For its production of cement and cellulose fibers blend, add special binders and water. The resulting mixture dries becomes high strength, water and fire resistance, also this material is not affected by insects, unlike wood.

Take care of fiber cement sideways is easy – it is easy to clean with water and a mild detergent.

On the market for material for facades of private houses have become very popular sidetrack panels that mimic wood.

Mark sideways thicker conventional wall covering, used for finishing the basement of the building, as well as covering the entire building.

Facades of the houses in sideways will look best if they are used in the decoration of the lid recently published material: panel under a stone or brick. Ground "stone" sideways suitable for any architectural style, protecting the base from destruction, have an attractive appearance and protect the building from the effects of adverse weather conditions.

And stones, and wood and bricks, and even houses from concrete slabs can have facades decorated with sideways. Mark sideways will not only improve the appearance of buildings, but also be reliably protected against damage and penetrating moisture, which gradually destroys concrete and cement.

Facades of private home sideways canconvert standard cottage town, where all houses are impossible to distinguish from each other, in an elegant city where each house – is unique and original. Of all available on the market finishing material sidetrack – the most practical and durable. It will not only make the house attractive appearance, but also insulate it, protect against temperature and moisture changes.