the fairytale 20 stunning tudor houses

Fairy Tale tudor Style house

History of reality: 20 amazing Tudor houses
Beautiful Tudor-style house, medieval atmosphere. They are characterized by unique features that make them stand out from all other buildings. We offer an overview of 20 beautiful houses that show in their own unique and unique style.

simple landscape


Large and beautiful house harmony look at the background simple and discreet landscape.

Cottages in a Tudor style painted in different colors, chosen for its every block. This helps to create a contrast that looks stunning.

British charm

innovative atmosphere


Tudor style always reminds you of gorgeous gingerbread houses from fairy tales.

Country living


House Tudor style always looks different, it is only necessary to change the viewing angle.

royal manners

They always remind of a time characterized by the Middle Ages, the time of kings, ladies and romance.

Often a Tudor-style house looks like a small castle, which can hide behind the walls of all.

My house – my castle

Asymmetry – one of the most important elements in houses in Tudor style.


Another important part – a wooden frame. special emphasis is placed on wood elements.

Even the front door is to "scream" luxury Tudor style.

window paperback

Each house in Tudor style is unique, and often the different window bindings.


Another of the unique features in Tudor style. If you do something in accent, he must be ambitious. This can be, for example, a large window next to the smallest.