the game contrasts house with eclectic facade old frames and doors

Architecture Beast: House colors: Amazing modern facade in
Architecture Beast: House colors: Amazing modern facade in brown | #modern #architecture #house #home #beautiful #contemporary #entrance #design #door

The house with an eclectic facade of the old frames and doors of India.
It's no secret to India – a country of contrasts. On one side of the road can be placed luxurious mansions and shining skyscrapers, and on the other hand you can see the slums of the poor, built of debris. It was inspired by landscape architects in the creation of a residential building, whose façade is constructed of a variety of large windows and doors, and the decor is decorated in accordance with modern trends.

Architectural projects of the Indian company S + PS Architects.
Indian Architectural Agency S + PS ArchitectsHe has designed an unusual private house, based on an idea of ​​contrasts. Residence if enclosed in a concrete box, partially hide hosts from curiously looking bypassers. The facade is made of many old but renovated windows and doors.

The house is enclosed in a concrete box.

The wall of windows and doors look colorful, not only outside but also inside.
Inside the walls of the frame and the door looks very colorful. Dark wood color contours are perfect with the white marble floors.

Bedroom in the house designers for S + PS Architects.

A place to relax on the roof.
This solution application window frames framed by the house are really original, but not the only one of their kind. A couple of designers also built for themselves windows windows, which cost them only $ 500.

Construction of houses based on contrasts.
Large floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of the courtyard, which is an outlet for all residents of this house.