The girl rebuilt garage into a cozy house with an area only 23 square meters

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House, converted garage.
When Michelle de la Vega (Michelle de la Vega) turned dusty old garage into a comfortable mini-house, she could not believe that it would cause transformation of such a great interest in social networks. People are invited to send them to revise plans for the garage area of ​​just 23 square meters.

Living area of ​​just 23 square meters. meter.
Moving from the normal home in the garage, the product required action for women. She took the house in a mortgage and then decided to let tenants that their rent covers the monthly payments to the bank. For most, it does not rent an apartment and does not rob the family, Michelle de la Vega settled in his old garage after making some changes to it.

Michelle de la Vega made of an old garage house.

Penthouse in a house that has been transformed from a garage.
Due to the inability to hire a woman architects, were involved in all aspects of the renovation of the future house. Michelle put bamboo flooring on the floor, repaired the old cabinets, standing in the garage, the old colored lights. The only thing that helped her builders, so it is to raise the ceiling by one meter, and slightly increase the length of the garage. Because of this, Michelle has a place to make a second class sleeper. The extra length has allowed her to make a bathroom with a bath.

The second level has made a bed for the hostess.

So the lodge made for change.
Some enthusiasts love to rebuild the old structure of the homes. So Australian Matthew de Boer remodeled old w / d train in a cozy comfortable home.