the home interior style minimalism

This Is How a Minimalist Decorates a Home

In one of the suburban settlements, among birches and linden, this country house is. The interior of the house in the style of minimalism done both outside and inside.

The first impression is rather bleak, structured exclusively of glass and gray concrete, there is no "live" in its appearance, but it is the interior in the style of minimalism, on the one hand, the lack of spare parts and simple lines of rather cold water, but to others The page makes it possible to feel free and relax from the information overload.

Setting a variety of trees, maybe something softens the overall gloomy view of the building, and when viewed from the interior of minimalist-style houses inside, the impression dramatically changes.

Total living space is 560 square meters. The development project was involved in the design agency Za Bor. The presidency not only develops domestic d├ęcor in the style of minimalism, but also the construction of the project.

Under the ground film only 300 square meters, due to the structure of slozhnorazvetvlennoy two-storey house, total space, managed to increase by almost two. The house is divided into two wings, and the front part, for each zone which delimits its entrances.

The basements for all the associated plants are specially recessed to levels one and two meters.

Furnishings in the style of minimalism homes are in the traditional white, genuine wood finishing materials for the floors and walls. Many used glass and natural stone.

All furniture has been created specifically for device space. In color scheme, white color – dominates the living room and throughout the entire first floor, the tree just like a warm and calm all over the world, mainly taking personal zone.

A separate part of the project covers the backlighting. All elements used ceiling light LED lighting, built into ceiling and wall lamp. Due to the soft glow emanating from recessed luminaires, the space visually perceives more calm and soft.

White color is a perfect reflection of light rays and functions as the perfect background for a round of shadows, this method is completely visible in the dining room lighting scenarios by changing colors, the room can take any kind.