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History Lesson: Statler Saved According to Plan u2013
It may seem like forever ago, however the Statler has come a very long way in a short period of time. While the upper floors remain vacant, u201cdrywall readyu201d

Las Vegas hotels from the container are displayed.
In a short time in the city of "Everlasting Party" Las Vegas, you can get the original Sports Complex. In addition to standard bike trails and skate parks in their territory, buildings will be built from old transport containers.

Architectural concept of M-Rad company.
The architect-office M-Rad has introduced a conceptport complex, which is planned to build in Las Vegas. On its territory is a park for extreme sports and 3 towers, built of old transport containers. Each of the three towers will have its own purpose: hotels, shopping areas and food production. Hotel of the container capacity of 60 rooms. The second building will accommodate its stores the most famous fashion brands. But the third building will be hateful farm for the production of environmentally friendly products.

In the tower of the containers plan to make a real farm.
The project involves the implementation of installation of alternative energy sources, especially solar and wind. Thus, the complex will be able to provide energy for 80 percent.

Hotel of the containers. View from inside.
Transport containers are often used in the construction of conventional homes. Then a girl saw a house built by transport container.

Future Sports Park in Las Vegas.
The future sports park will offer visitors a shallow lake with beach cabanas, six motocross tracks, skate parks, five surfing spots. The area for the future sports facility will be 17 hectares, and its cost – $ 50 million.