the house cliff overlooking ocean

They wanted an escape from city life, so
They wanted an escape from city life, so they built a house on a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean

The house on the cliff, where splashing ocean waves, over which rises from rocky skies, must match its unusual location, and exploit the opportunity as much as possible, providing a picturesque setting.

The cottage is ideally inscribed in the landscape: he seems "sliding" from the slope, clinging to the various levels of terrain irregularities. To accommodate and actually did not slip down, we had to strengthen the foundation with the help of powerful posts operated in the bedrock.

Review of this unusual house with sea views opens in all directions and impresses with its picturesque: lying in the bedroom, you can admire the continuous movement of waves, sitting in the living room, mapping the rocks on the coast.

To protect the house from any fires, wood parts, for example, Frames treated with a special compound, and copper panels will save not only from the fire but also from the destructive effect of salty sea currents.

Material in this exclusive home with a view Oceania is used naturally, which emphasizes its unity with the landscape. Steps from a rock as it was a rocky path and continues to lead to the garden, a roof of wood softens the hard type of glass walls and hides in a harness.

Italian furniture looks noble lines strictly, making the interior of classic tones, and the picture of the sofa is a striking ornamental accent.

To get to the kitchen, you have to go to the next level. All furniture is made of special order, the dominant colors – white and mahogany.

Next to the kitchen – a terrace, located just above the cliff. For security reasons it is surrounded by a fence, but in order not to obscure the sight, it is made of special glass.

The house on the cliff door divides across the entire width walls, and in good weather it is as if loosened in the surrounding open spaces, so that you fully enjoy life in the countryside. When the wind increases and reached these places hurricane strength, the door closed, giving the residents peace and quiet.

In a small inner patio can be accessed from the library.

The most spectacular views of the house with sea views. It opens from the bedroom. It contains all the amenities, there is also a shower and bath, a very unusual design: the outer part facing the glass wall, even of glass, not to disturb enjoying the magnificent view. Also in the bedroom has a window overlooking the library, which can block the screen for increased intimacy.