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SODEA House VMX Architects

The house of unusual form Dutch architects built on a private island Kostverlorenkade (Kostverlorenkade), whose area of ​​†<†<only 1200 square meters. meter. The farm is located in a quiet location away from the big cities. On the green lawn near the water, sparkling with glass wall meets strangely at first glance, the building, which carries a combination of innovation and tradition.

The area house – 500 square meters. When designing the house of unusual shape, the architects were inspired by the surrounding nature, not only paintings, but also the famous skyscrapers "Rembrandt Tower" and "Al Sud", and also a plane flying over the roof to Schiphol Airport (Schiphol).

The interior is functional, and "opens" from the inside out using glass walls, occupying a large area.

Bedroom with bathroom – on the first level. They offer a magnificent view of the garden.

Cellars came to educators room for movie viewing. The entire structure fits harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, and was awarded an award for architects Gouden Amsterdam.Architecture.Prize.