the interior a country cottage in woods

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What should a beautiful house in the woods? The answer to this question is American architects Ward-young architecture, depicting comfortable and modern living, reflecting both architectural traditions and modern ideas.

Modern cottage – it's not just a beautiful house in the woods. Sam Wood "gro" inside the house – a part of a pine tree has become an important part of the living room d├ęcor. No visible walls seemed to solve the house in the woods. Both spaces – and the outer and inner together in harmony – are emphasized by careful choice of furniture and decorative elements.

In the interior of a country cottage like user-class forms and avant-garde solutions. Lots of space, light, and even the forest inside the house – all by replacing conventional glass slabs on the walls, which combines the interior with that kind of house.

Eclectic style is most relevant in the inrest of the country, as it allows him to emphasize naturalness and proximity to nature. Color solution in a beautiful house in the woods restrained and tight, with a dominance of natural natural tones: cream, orange, yellow, gray, brown. Yellow accents add brightness and originality.